Our Services....

Paloma Forde offers a range of services.  Screening, Consultation & Advice, Specialised Tuition and Growth Mindset Coaching for Kids aged 8-18years.



1 Hour appointment.  This includes administration of the screener, interpretation of results (consultation) and a copy of your child's screening results. 


Written mini-interpretation to be included on the email - £15.00



All lessons come in blocks.  This is discussed with the client.  Blocks are in 6,8,10 or 12 weeks.  Lessons are booked in advance and either paid for weekly or by a block.  10% discount if a block booking is paid for in advance. Lessons are tailor made to suit your child's needs.  A multi-sensory approach is used, which is proven successful for Dyslexic students. 

£38.00 per lesson. (resources all included)


Growth Mindset Coaching for Kids. (Aged 8-16 years) NEW FOR Autumn 2017

I offer Growth Mindset Coaching sessions for kids aged 8-18 years of age. Many children who are struggling with reading, writing & spelling  can often suffer with low self-esteem and self-confidence issues.  My Growth Mindset Coaching sessions will help kids from the age of 8 understand more about their issues, but more importantly I will give them strategies & understanding how to turn this around.  It is called 'gritting'. To understand more about how this works, please contact me for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation.  Find out how I can help your child's Mindset with positive Growth Mindset Coaching. 

Gold Package = 2 hour starter session, Plus 6 x 45 minute sessions, 1 x hour review and emailed strategies at the end. Your child having a bad day? Email priority for any problems/issues that may arise.  £450.00


Silver Package = 1 hour starter session, Plus 6 x 45 minute sessions. 30 minute Skype or telephone review & strategies emailed at the end of the coaching.  £365.00


Bronze = 6 x 45 minute sessions. Emailed strategies at the end of the coaching sessions. £250