Multi-Award Wins for 2017!

Paloma Forde the founder of Screen4Dyslexia has been helping children to succeed with their learning for nearly 20 years.  She currently owns her own business as well as works in a local Surrey Prep school running the Special Needs Department. 


Screen4Dyslexia was founded by Paloma Forde in April 2015 when she became concerned about the growing gap between early Dyslexia screening and early intervention. She is a practising teacher and currently works in a Surrey Prep school as the Head ofLearning Support, as well as working for St Mary’s University as a link tutor for students’ teacher training to work in SEN schools.   She has been involved with children with Special Educational Needs for nearly 20 years.  She has BA QTS and a Master’s Degree in Education (SEN) is a member of the British Dyslexia Society and is qualified to administer CLR2 & 3 tests (Pearson assessment).

The main idea behind Screen4Dyslexia was that many parents were seeking full Educational Psychology assessments for their child and often many were coming back with either a diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexic in nature) or no diagnosis at all with some children being referenced as ‘Literacy difficulties’.  The costs of these reports were and are in the region of between £400-£650 each, often making it difficult for parents to pay for.  Many of the tests required the same/similar qualification to that of a SENCO so Paloma realised that she could offer more affordable assessments and more importantly ‘Dyslexia Screening’ for a fraction of the cost.  Once a child has been screened and is showing signs of Dyslexia, then that is the time to work on an intervention.  No diagnosis is needed to begin ‘early successful intervention’.

Paloma has been travelling across Surrey and many London boroughs providing Dyslexia Screening for over a year, however this has limited the clientele that could be reached due to travel constraints. By recently becoming a partner of Nessy, the hugely successful company providing screening, training and learning for children with Dyslexia, Paloma is now able to widen her horizons and offer a variety of services using Nessy products via an online route.  She continues to travel to clients' houses offering screeners, specialised tuition and other educational assessments, but using Nessy now allows her to work with children online.

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In January 2017 Paloma was chosen by Dragon Den's Theo Pathitis for his Small Business Sunday competition. Screen4Dyslexia entered the weekly competition which aims at helping Small Businesses 'get out there' by Theo offeringt a support Re-Tweet of their business.  It was Paloma's first time entering, so you could say beginners luck! Then in April of 2017, Screen4Dyslexia got chosen again by Aqua Design's weekly business competition which also promotes small businesses for a Re-Tweet called 'Queen of'.  Paloma won recognition for her specialised tuition so is also now 'Queen of Specialised Tuition' as awarded by the Director Dylan Moore. 


Paloma in June 2017 has also just won recognition by winning The Smart Social Award.  This was for her excellent use of Social Media to gain prospective clients for Screen4Dyslexia. 2017 has certainly been a big year so far for Paloma Forde. 


July 2017 Paloma won her fourth award, this time receiving recognition by Female Entrepeneur Jacqueline Gold CBE, who supports growing small businesses.  She too runs a weekly compeitition for small businesses and Paloma won her most recent award on Wednesday 5th July.  Jacqueline said about Paloma: 

'I selected Paloma as one of my WOW winners because she is working to bridge a growing gap between Dyslexia screening and early intervention. Her business, Screen4Dyslexia, has been helping children to succeed with their learning - allowing them to get the most out of their education and live life to the full.

For me, #WOW is all about inspiring and celebrating female entrepreneurs. My vision is for women in the UK to come together, celebrate their strengths, skills and fantastic businesses and do all they can to inspire other women to realise their potential.' Jacqueline Gold, July 2017




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