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Dyslexia Screenings

Screen4Dyslexia was founded by Paloma Forde back in April 2015. An experienced SEN and advisory teacher, Paloma believes in early detection of Dyslexia.  Children who are screened early and show 'at risk' signs of Dyslexia can begin an Early Intervention Programme to help them develop their own spellings, reading and writing and become successful learners in their own right. Winning recognition in 2017 by Dragon Den's Theo Pathitis and CBE Jacqueline Gold, her business has gone from strength to strength. 

Screening Service - £75 + £15 for a mini-intepretation of results. 


Dyslexia Specialised Block Tuition

Specialised lessons which are tailor made to meet your child's need.  A Multi-Sensory approach to learning is used, which is essential to the Dyslexic Mind.  Children need to learn in a different way, so combining a Multi-Sensory approach will ensure that they begin to flourish with their spellings, reading and writing. We encourage the use of Mind Maps to help with getting thoughts onto paper. 

All lessons come in 'Blocks' of either 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks with a review at the end of your child's progress.  

Specialised Lessons - £38 per 45 mins lessons.



Growth Mindset Coaching for Kids (8-18years)

Growth Mindset Coaching sessions for kids aged 8-18 years of age. Many children who are struggling with reading, writing & spelling can often suffer with low self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Growth Mindset Coaching sessions will help kids understand more about their issues, but more importantly  the sessions will give them strategies & understanding how to turn this around.  It is called 'gritting'. To understand more about how this works, please contact us for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation.  Find out how we can help your child's Mindset with positive Growth Mindset Coaching.  £45 p/hour